Best Cold Sore Remedies & Treatments

What Are Cold Sores?

The Cold Sore Virus
The virus that causes cold sores is the herpes simplex virus -Cold sore Virus either type 1 or type 2. Most commonly, cold sores are caused by the type 1 herpes virus. The virus enters your surface nerve cells and, in the process of creating new virus, will destroy the cell. It is millions of these destroyed cells that form the painful and oozing open sores.

Cold sores, often called fever blisters and oral herpes, are highly painful blister like ulcers that usually occur on or near the lips or nostrils. They can also occur in other places, such as cheek, chin or even the finger tips. Sometimes confused with canker sores. The difference being that canker sores only occur “in” the mouth & are not contagious.

coldsore on lip

Usually, the first symptom is a tingling feeling right at the soon to be infected area, just prior to the outbreak. This is followed by the same area swelling & some tiny blisters will start to form. The blisters break & merge, causing these painful oozing sores. You will notice that besides these sores, the lymph glands under the jaw will swell & be tender. Possibly some headaches and maybe even a fever. Once the sore crusts over, it will then start to heal. Shockingly, without a scar.

Stop being misled by all these ridiculous claims of Curing Cold Sores floating around, that do nothing more than treat the symptom & never the cause. Insuring you WILL have ANOTHER outbreak. It’s really not that difficult to cure. I don’t understand the Big Secret… I haven’t had a cold sore in over 5 years… They stopped for good, right after I started using this really simple & fast cold sore cure I found online. Couldn’t be easier, to prevent another nasty outbreak.

Best Treatment For Cold Sores

Cold sores, as with most things unwanted… Pop-up at the worstEmbarrassed By Cold Sores possible time you can imagine — EVERYTIME! Kind of like “Murphys Law.” I have to say, on a personal note… The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (My God), you’re the kid with the Nasty Sores on their face, for the next 4 years. Not a good first impression.

When an outbreak occurs, the results are painful, beyond annoying, horrifically unattractive (think horror movie ugly) and can really screw with your self-image.

Cold sores originate from the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). The truth of the matter is that this virus is extremely common, and over 80% of the population have it. Generally, most people who have contracted the virus have done so by the age of 7.

So, what exactly causes this to happen?

There are a variety of different causes, such as: sickness, a poor immune system, pregnancy, lip injury, mouth injury, excessive stress & too much sun just to name a few. A good treatment for cold sores would start at antibiotic ointment; this will stop the cold sore from becoming infected. Also, use a topical medication to numb the pain. Lysine may help cold sore outbreaks end faster and seems to be the choice of most people.

At the end of the day, the most effective treatment for cold sores — preventing them… Is a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and a strong immune system. The best offense is a good defense, so to speak.

Cold Sore Home Remedies

Running to the nearest drugstore when you are suffering from a cold sore, isn’t necessary. There are some effective home remedies for cold sores which are proven better than over-the-counter medicine.

The first you have to do when you are suffering from cold sores is to take care of your hygiene. You cannot only spread the virus to other people, but also to other places on your own body. So wash your hands and clean your face as often as possible. Don’t share drinks, razors or cigarettes with other people. Use a clean glass or cup every time you have a drink.

remedies cold soreMany people already use home remedies to take care of a variety of diseases, with great results. In case of cold sores, there is one thing you need to know. The virus will remain in you body the rest of your life. At the time of this writing there is no cure or medicine available that will kill the Herpes simplex virus. The only option you have when you are suffering from a cold sore, is make it less painful by using one of the home remedies described below.

The use of ice is also a good remedy. Put an ice cube directly on the blister for about 1 minute. Repeat is every 30 minutes. Then you have to check your food and drinks. Try to avoid caffeine and chocolate. Your food and drinks should contain a lot of antioxidants. Most fruits are perfect & green tea a few times a day.

Putting tea bags on the cold sore area is probably the best of the home remedies for cold sores. It’s not only very effective, but also low priced. Put a tea bag directly on the cold sore area and keep it there for about a minute. After an hour you have to do it again with a NEW tea bag. Never use the same tea bag twice.

Lemon juice is another great remedy, but has a disadvantage. It can be quite painful when you put it on the blister. But it is definitely worth a shot. Not recommended for small children, though.

Starting the Healing Process

Once those unsightly cold sores scab up… The healing process has just started. Now, it’s just a matter of time… Here’s a few things that will help speed up cold sore healing process.

ACIDOPHILUS BACTERIA — Acidophilus, taken both internally andCold Sore Prevention applied externally, is an excellent aid in treating cold sores. So much so, I have mentioned it first.

LYSINE — Lysine is quite effective in treating cold sores.  You will get the best results if you take it orally. Lysine in salves does not absorb very well.  It has difficulty getting inside the cells – where it needs to be. Probably the most widely used cold sore treatment.

ALOE VERA — A miracle product in more than one way… Aloe Vera is one of the better cold sore home remedies. The sap inside the leaves provides healing power straight from nature.

B VITAMINS — We know stress is the main trigger for cold sores.  B vitamins are known as the stress vitamins as they reduce the effects of stress on our bodies.  These are water-soluble vitamins that need to be replenished every day.  Particularly important is B-12. Under-tongue lozenges are best for this type of vitamin.

Embarrassed By Cold Sores?

Cold sores can be soooo embarrassing. If you’re a fellow cold sore suffer — I don’t have to tell you… It is pointless, to try and cover them up. That can make it look even worse, sometimes. Hiding out until it’s gone, like everyone else who suffers from, the dreaded cold sore, is pretty much your only option.

cold soresFirst come a few early warning symptoms: ithchy, a little tingling, maybe even numb. You know what’s coming… And after a little cursing & yelling — You clear your calender for about 7-10 days.

And then, then it starts… tender, swollen bump, and you know it’s about to get messy. The blisters are next, followed by all those “lovely” blisters breaking open and oozing pus (I just gagged a little). Then that scabs up. And, finally they heal. But only after that ugly mess, I just described.

And the cause… Herpes Simplex Virus 1. The virus is way more common than you think, more than half the worlds population carries it. And is, definitely, contagious when the infection is active.

The virus is transmitted through direct contact with an open sore or body fluid, like saliva, from someone who was infected with the virus. The most common factors that set-off these nasty cold sores are — stress, over-tired & over exposure to the wind or sun. It can be dormant for years, in the body, until the immune system is vulnerable & an infection is triggered.

Treating cold sores can be extrmely mis-leading, to say the least. With a bunch of over the counter crap, that doesn’t work. Or some presciption drug, that’s filled with dangerous chemicals. Not a great choice.

Instead you could try an amino acid called, lysine. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Most lysine users find this an effective way to prevent the outbreak, or stop it if it has already started.

Lemon slices are a great all natural way, to stop an outbreak, but only if you catch it early enough, before the sores appear.

You can also incude some garlic in your diet. Taking it as a supplement, can help to prevent an outbreak from ever beginning.

Prevention of Coldsores

It is quite unfortunate, but, millions of people form all over the world suffer form cold sores. While  cold sore prevention , isn’t only possible — it can be quite easy…

The Mayo Clinic – “You can take steps to guard against cold sores, to prevent spreading them to other parts of your body or to avoid passing them along to another person.”

Medications for cold sores can work, but can also come with some nasty side-effects. You’d be much wiser, just avoiding getting cold sores, in the first place. After all… all those medications are just filled with harmful chemicals your body could do without.

Especially, when there are proven steps you can take to prevent it from ever having to get to the point, where you feel you need to use any cold sore medicine.

Easily, the most important step in cold sore prevention is a healthy immune system. Not only will you be taking a giant step in ending cold sores for good… You will also be doing your health in general, a great service. All doctors agree, a healthy immune system, greatly reduces your chances for an outbreak for occurring.

Obviously avoiding contact with others (kissing & skin contact in general), when blisters are present. And definitely avoid sharing utensils & LIP BALM! I can’t tell you how many people (teens & adults) I see SHARING lip balm… And it freaks me out. It gives me the willies!

Sunscreen. You have got to wear sunscreen if you are going to spend any length of time in the sun. Heck, pop some on even if the sun ain’t shining. Don’t forget about wind burn, too. Avoid it.
Adding more vitamin C to your diet, is not only extremely easy, but will help to build-up your immune system. You can find it in any number of great tasting fruits & vegetables. And is widely available as a supplement, which I definitely recommend for everybody. Cold sores or not.

And finally, take a chill pill… That’s right, lower your stress. Stress is one of those triggers that can bring on an outbreak out of the clear blue sky. Avoiding stress & finding ways to relieve stress will help you in many, many ways — besides helping to cut back on those nasty outbreaks.

If you suffer from cold sores on a more regular basis… And would like a more in-depth look as to how you can finally, put to rest your battle with these nasty, ugly, embarrassing sores, don’t worry, we got you covered… Just  click here  for a more complete look at on how to get rid off cold sores fast & for good.

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